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Join me via Zoom, from the comfort of wherever you are comfortable, as I resurrect my favorite event I have ever created: my one-of-a-kind Lyrically Induced Conversations! Some of you may remember these from my residency at The Standard Hotel in West Hollywood (RIP), others may remember them from numerous locations around LA for years before that…I’m just here to say, she's back baby!

For those of you who haven't yet had the divine privilege of joining me for one of these - know that they're super nice. As in, literally, pleasant, chill, and fun! Expect the event to include: mindfulness/meditation, inspiring -albiet REAL- psycho-spiritual conversation, and some rad NEW music spanning genres.

Wondering who I am? I'm a licensed psychotherapist, certified yoga and meditation teacher, holistic health counselor, and more—check out my website, my LinkedIn, or my Psychology Today for a fuller picture.

We turn to music when we're feeling on top of the world, when we're heartbroken, when we need to chill...I turn this pastime up to 11 by using new music as a catalyst for meaningful conversation, for self reflection, and as my personal inspiration for inviting US to explore a diverse array of fascinating, educational psychological concepts.

Plan to set aside an hour of your time and keep the following handy: something to write with, something to write on, and an open mind. I will request all cameras are ON to help us foster a feeling of community, but you don't have to speak or participate if you're not called to.


PS: Zoom link will be sent out day of. Unfortunately, no refunds and no ticket transfers.

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