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At 13, I began training at the North Carolina School of the Arts, followed by the Joffrey Ballet and American Ballet Theatre. I was blessed to learn from true ballet masters -- they taught me discipline and respect among other critical life lessons like: the historical and cultural importance of art AND the art of storytelling, how to harness the power of raw passion and emotion and apply it consciously, the priceless value of an obsessive work ethic, and so on...

I had to make a difficult decision as a 16 year old graduating from high school...continue my training as a ballerina OR make another bold move... I decided to study acting at NYU (Tisch SoA). It was during my time at NYU that I began to understand that it was possible to use my deep empathy and curiosity strategically as a tool for good. Learning techniques to help me put myself in someone else's shoes and then practice taking those shoes off when the work was over -- it was life changing for me! Studying acting was essentially my first step toward studying psychology.

In addition to my degree from NYU and a Masters in Clinical Psychology, I also hold certifications in yoga/meditation, personal training, spin, and holistic health counseling.

I spent nearly a decade in New York City before moving to Los Angeles. During my time in LA, I’ve built up a roster of eclectic clients ranging from Grammy / Golden Globe / Emmy / Oscar winners to cutting edge tech companies -- I've worked with top of their field CEO's and volunteered my services to persons struggling with socioeconomic challenges (in the same day)... I'm grateful for the beautiful communities that I have been integrated into AND the communities that I have helped to create.

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XO, Maranda